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Grow a victory garden for your own fruits, vegetables & herbs

First Things First -- Do the Dirt


If this will be your first garden, you have a lot of work to do to prepare for the upcoming growing season.  You will have three choices for your garden depending upon your growing space, time you can devote to your garden and abilities:

1) Limited time, space, ability 2) Some time, space, ability 3) Unlimited time, space, ability

Container Gardening

Raised Bed Gardening

Garden Plots

If you are more advanced and familiar with gardening in Florida then now is the time to harvest any last crops and begin to prepare your soil for the Florida Fall Garden.

Begin by:

  1. Taking out any remaining vegetable plants.
  1. Thoroughly weeding your garden and yard (this will limit the number of weeds available to harbor pests and diseases) and keeping it weed free.
  1. Taking all weeds and bacteria or virus infected plants to the curb for disposal (to prevent reinfection of the next generation of plants).
  1. Adding fresh soil, compost or manures and turning and aerating the soil.
  1. Continuing to turn and aerate the soil and being diligent about weed control up until planting time.
  1. Introduce a new tribe of earthworms to your garden soil to help the enrichment process.
  1. Add perlite if the soil is excessively wet to help lighten it.

The Planting Guide:  Warm Season Vegetables, Cool Season Vegetables


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