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Monthly Plant Reviews

FloridaGardener.com does not sell these plants or their seeds. Please consult your local nursery or garden center.

  Shooting Star
Striking, to say the least, Clerodendrum (Clerodendron) Quadriloculare is a fairly easy to grow evergreen shrub. Of the family Verbenaceae it is more commonly known as Starburst, Shooting Star or Glorybower. It requires no special care except for training and restraining.
  Shrimp Plant
Justicia brandegeana and Pachystachys lutea are both members of the family Acanthaceae and both commonly known as Shrimp Plants or Brazilian Plumes. These plants are pan-tropical in origin and form very showy blooms which resemble shrimp.
   Staghorn Fern
An extraordinary fern in both size and shape the Staghorn Ferns are an absolute must for Florida gardens that have a large tree for these wonderful plants to grow on or hang from. It is fairly easy to grow in partial shade and mostly undemanding.
Stephanotis is an extremely popular flower often used in fashioning the bride's bouquet. It is an easy to grow fragrant vine in the milkweed family and does best growing in a sunny spot.
The Strawflower is a wonderful little daisy-like flower for the summer garden. The flowers attract butterflies and are often grown for cut or dried flower arrangements.
Statice is prized by florists as a filler in many flower arrangements.
A wonderful small tree which features masses of showy golden yellow tubular flowers on a nearly leafless tree in the spring. Tabebuia is an absolutely spectacular deciduous small tree for spring-time color.
Dazzling, vibrant and intensely colored flowers, evergreen and velvety leaves -- Tibouchina is the perfect evergreen shrub to add a touch of the exotic to your garden.
Air plants are those strange little evergreen epiphytic perennial bromeliads Florida gardeners often find clinging to the branches of their larger trees and shrubs. Tillandsias. are members of the Bromeliaceae family and only perch on their host plants deriving no nutrition from them -- they are not a parasitic plant . 
Tithonia, Giant Mexican Sunflower
Tithonia diversifolia is a perennial native of Mexico and Central America and is cultivated for its beautiful flowers and enormous size.
  Tropical Bleeding Heart
The Scarlet Sage (Salvia splendens) is an excellent plant for beds and borders. The flowers are usually bright scarlet and grow to 36". The flowers do not attract bees or butterflies, the plants rarely reseed themselves and despite being a perennial, are grown as an annual in Florida.
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