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One of the perfume makers favorite flowers, Plumeria is a fairly easy to grow deciduous or semi-evergreen shrub or small tree.  Of the family Apocynaceae it is more commonly known as Frangipani, Pagoda Tree or West Indian Jasmine.   It requires no special care and rewards the gardener with its rich, seductive scent and beautifully colored flowers .  Frangipani is a sub-tropical plant the family of which is native to Tropical and Sub-tropical America.

Plant Facts:

Common Name:  Frangipani, Pagoda Tree or West Indian Jasmine

Botanical Name:  Plumeria

Family:  Apocynaceae

Plant Type:  Deciduous or Semi-evergreen Shrub or Small Tree with succulent stems and very thick fleshy branches

Origin: Tropical and Sub-tropical America

Zones: 9 - 12, Sub-tropical -- withstands light frost

Height:  To 25'

Rate of Growth: Slow

Salt Tolerance: Moderate

Soil Requirements:  Moderately fertile, well-drained soil

Water Requirements: Water moderately, keep almost dry in winter

Nutritional Requirements: Balanced liquid fertilizer monthly

Light Requirements: Full sun

Form:  Bush or small tree

Leaves:  4" to 16" -- rich green

Flowers:  Pink, white, yellow, red -- blooms during Spring and Summer

Fruits: None

Pests:  Spider mites

Uses:  Accent bush -- show piece

Bad Habits: None

Cost:  $$ to $$$ -- reasonable to expensive

Propagation:   cuttings or seeds

Sources:   A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants, The Subtropical Garden, Gardening in the Tropics

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