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Last Update 08/07/11

Plant of the Month


Adenium obesum

Impala Lily, Desert Rose, Adenium Muliflorum,  Adenium Coetanum

A perennial succulent found in semi-arid regions of the Arabian Peninsula and E. to S.W. Africa. 

Adenium obesum "Desert Rose"

Adenium -- This plant in the pot is about 24" tall and as wide. (Click to Enlarge)

Plant Facts:

Common Name:   Impala Lily, Desert Rose

Botanical Name:   Adenium obesum, Adenium Muliflorum, Adenium Coetanum

Family:  Apocynaceae 

Plant Type:  Perennial succulent

Origin: Arabian Peninsula and E. to S.W. Africa.

Zones: 9 - 11

Height:  5'

Rate of Growth: Slow

Salt Tolerance: Medium

Soil Requirements:  Well drained soil, slightly alkaline, humus-rich.

Water Requirements: Drought tolerant (in colder months), but looks better with an adequate supply of water in the summer.

Nutritional Requirements: Balanced liquid fertilizer monthly

Light Requirements: Full sun, some afternoon shade.

Form:  Multi-trunked shrub or small tree growing about half as wide as it does high.

Leaves:  Ovate, gray-green leaves to 4" long.

Flowers: Red, pink, or white usually in the summer.


Pests or diseases:  Aphids, fungal leaf diseases, basal rot begun by excess watering.

Uses:  Specimen plant, bonsai

Bad Habits: All parts of plant are a skin irritant, also will cause severe discomfort if swallowed.

Cost:  $$ -- Very reasonable

Propagation:  Seeds, summer cuttings taken from non-flowering shoots.

Sources: A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants


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