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Last Update 06/03/08

Plant of the Month

Verbena syn. Glandularia


Genus of about 250 species of annuals, perennials, and sub shrubs. V. 'Sissinghurst' (below) is a mat forming perennial with ovate, pinnatifid, dark green leaves to 1  1/4in long. The 1/2in across, long-lasting flowers attract butterflies.

Perennial verbenas are ideal for borders, containers, and hanging baskets and do very well in full sun.

Verbena 'Sissinghurst'

Plant Facts:

Common Name:   Verbena

Botanical Name:   Verbena syn. Glandularia

Family:  Verbenaceae

Plant Type:  Mat forming perennial

Origin: Tropical and temperate regions of North, Central, and South America; a few from S. Europe

Zones: 3 - 11

Height:  to 12"

Rate of Growth: Fast

Salt Tolerance: Low

Soil Requirements:  Well drained, moderately fertile

Water Requirements: Water freely

Nutritional Requirements: Balanced liquid fertilizer weekly for best growth and flower production

Light Requirements: Full sun

Form:  Mat forming sub-shrub

Leaves:  Ovate, pinnatifid, dark green leaves to 1  1/4in long

Flowers: Summer and autumn blooms in tight, corymb-like panicles to 3in or more across, of tiny, salverform, sometimes scented, white, pink, red, yellow, or purple-blue flowers 1/2-1in across, each usually with a white eye.


Pests or diseases:  Aphids, whiteflies, slugs, snails, scale insects, spider mites, and powdery mildew.

Uses:  Border, edging, container, or hanging basket

Bad Habits: 

Cost:  $ -- Very reasonable

Propagation:  Sow seed spring to eary summer. Divide in spring, or take stem-tip cuttings in late summer.

Sources:  A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants

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