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Last Update 06/25/08
Plant of the Month

 Dracaena Fragrans

 Corn Plant

Pictured below is a Corn Plant. This particular specimen is approximately 20' tall. This Dracaena is most familiar to people as an indoor or office plant that seems to almost thrive on abuse and will live happily pot bound for many years. 

Dracaena fragans (Corn Plant) -- Click to Enlarge

Click picture  to enlarge

Dracaena fragans (Corn Plant)  flowers -- Click to Enlarge

Click picture to enlarge


Plant Facts:

Common Name:   Corn Plant

Botanical Name:   Dracaena Fragrans

Family:  Agavaceae

Plant Type:  Large evergreen tree

Origin: Tropical Africa

Zones: 10 - 11

Height:  1' to over 40'

Rate of Growth: Slow

Salt Tolerance: Low

Soil Requirements:  Improved well-drained soil -- soil should be dry to moist

Water Requirements: Good drought tolerance, needs infrequent watering

Nutritional Requirements: Balanced liquid fertilizer every second month

Light Requirements: Prefers full shade to partial shade or partial sun

Form:  Sparsely branched, resembles a mop head on a tall stick. Trim to generate new growth.

Leaves:  8-48" long, mid-green confined to the upper parts of stems

Flowers: Only on very mature plants that are over 6' tall. White, strongly scented on branched or unbranched terminal panicles to 3' long.

Fruits: Orange-red, spherical

Pests or diseases:  Tolerant of most pests and diseases

Uses:  Most familiar as indoor or house plants

Bad Habits: Sickly-sweet fragrance of adult plant's blooms can be almost overpowering in enclosed spaces especially at night.

Cost:  $$ -- Very reasonable

Propagation:  Air layering, root stem sections, or suckers


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