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Last Update 06/03/08

Spring Lawn Care Tips

Now is a great time to work on your Florida lawn before Summer Begins

Florida Lawn

A healthy lawn needs four things -- fertilizer, weed control, water, and proper mowing. The following are tips to keep your Florida lawn looking its best.

  • If your lawn needs to be aerated or dethatched, do it before applying fertilizer and weed control. Aeration helps water and nutrients to penetrate compacted lawns.  Dethatching removes the dead root and leaf layer that accumulates with some turfs and allows more moisture and nutrients to get to the soil to help decrease diseases and insects.

  • As soon as green is noticed in your Bermuda, Centipede, Saint Augustine, or Zoysia grass, a high nitrogen, slow-release fertilizer should be applied.

  • If broadleaf weeds are a problem in your lawn use a selective weed control. Non-selective weed controls will kill both weeds and grass and should only be used for walkways, patios, mulched beds, or driveways.

  • Grass type, soil type, rain frequency, and weather conditions determine how much water should be applied to your lawn. Too little water will cause your lawn to wilt and turn brown. Too much water can cause lawn diseases and in the case of St. Augustine lawns, invasion by Dollarweed.

  • Grass type also determines mowing height. Proper mowing results in a deeper root system which makes the lawn easier to care for.

  • If you notice yellow or dead patches in your St. Augustine turf, treat it for chinch bugs. Dursban or Diazinon insecticide may be applied in either granules or liquid form. Be sure to follow the label directions and keep pets and children off the lawn until the sprays have dried or the granules have been watered into the lawn and allowed to dry.


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