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What You Think About FloridaGardener.com

No Award Counts More Than What Our Readers Think

"Florida Gardener ... was created just for us.  The site is tuned to the variances in our state and gives special attention to clarifying what works in South Florida.  It’s fresh because it’s updated quite often.  Besides gardening tips, you can post your questions, share your ideas and participate in a seed exchange."  By M.E. DE PALMA Special to the Sun-Sentinel

"Your website has such class.   It is beautifully designed and editorially articulate.  My favorite feature is The Patio.  I am normally a shy, silent surfer on the internet, but I felt comfortable for the first time posting a gardening question there.  Maybe it is the subject matter, but I had the sense that these are intelligent, civilized people engaging in interesting and useful dialogue.  I received two replies and I was delighted.   Thanks! (P.S.: And yes, I've told my friends.)"

"... This is a great website by the way."

"I am a pest control/lawn maintenance technician in the St. Petersburg area.  Our small company handles approximately 6500 accounts in the area.  We maintain St. Augustine lawns and ornamental plants in primarily Pinellas County.  I have found great tips and ideas at your site and have recommended you to many of my customers.  Keep up the great work."

"Good Morning!!  I really enjoy your site and look forward to your monthly updates!  Thank you very much."

"Dear Mr. Erdek:

I would just like to thank you and your colleagues on the work you put into "The Florida Gardener" web site.  I have enjoyed it tremendously since I discovered it several months ago, and I also appreciate the notices when the web site has been updated.  Hopefully, my husband and I will be moving to Florida sometime next year.   He is a retired firefighter.  No, we are no in our 50's or 60's.  He was retired earlier for an injury he sustained on the job dealing with a drunk while trying to put out a grass and tree fire started by lightning.  It was not the way he wanted to leave the job, but life loves throwing you little surprises. Anyway, I am using your site to plan the plants for my new yard.  I was especially thankful for the information on the poisonous plants.


Your Reader From Kentucky"

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your website.  I have learned so much.  The butterflies are finally visiting my butterfly garden, and ground covering in the form of weeds with little white flowers has truly enhanced the entire display.  I just finished pruning my poinsettias and am looking forward to a beautiful showing this year.  I tried planting a vegetable garden in spring, but the insects won out.  Don't know if I'll try again.  Yes, and I am very aware of the change in the sun.  The shadows are just beautiful this time of year, and fall is in the air.  Thanks again for keeping us Floridians up to date."

"This is so helpful. I think this is the site I have been looking for to help me buy plants for our work-in-progress, creating a backyard we can sit in and grow old (and vegetables and fragrant plants)! Thanks."

"Just want to praise your site... Great source of information for native Floridians and anyone transplanted here. Thank You ... You have helped me more than once."

"Hello Paul, Just a note to thank you for the information on your website. As a recent (one year) arrival to southwest Florida (from Minnesota), I am still trying to learn about the seasonal differences in gardening and the conditions for planting different varieties of plants outdoors. Your website has been of considerable help to me in determining what should be done month-by-month. Thanks."

"This is an excellent site for people like my husband and I who are moving to the Orlando area in March of 2000. I seem to find everything I need to know here. I will be on your site continuously when we move. You are VERY informative. LOVE your site."


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