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1. Do you feed the birds?

Yes (220) 64%
No (125) 36%

2. Do you cut your own lawn?

Yes (263) 77%
No (80) 23%

3. Do you have a butterfly garden?

No (179) 52%
Yes (167) 48%

4. Do you collect odd growing or weird looking plants?

Yes (35) 46%
No (41) 54%

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New Post 2/12/2009 6:57 PM
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Old FG Patio is moving  (United States)
Modified By host  on 2/12/2009 6:58:20 PM)

The old FloridaGardener Patio is moving here, please do not post in the old Patio forum as that link will be deleted and the board dimantled.

The old Patio ran on O'Reilly WebBoard 4.10.30, which is ancient now by today's standards. This new forum will be much more interactive and FUN!


Welcome to the New gardening forum everyone.

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  Forum  Discussions  Forum Guideline...  Old FG Patio is moving
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