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1. Do you feed the birds?

Yes (220) 64%
No (125) 36%

2. Do you cut your own lawn?

Yes (263) 77%
No (80) 23%

3. Do you have a butterfly garden?

No (179) 52%
Yes (167) 48%

4. Do you collect odd growing or weird looking plants?

Yes (35) 46%
No (41) 54%

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New Post 11/10/2009 12:09 PM
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I would like to send a sample of my newly patented adjustable Plant stake called a GroPole.  It sets a full 12" into the soil and starts out at 24" in height.  It adjusts in height at 5" increments to a total height of 60" tall.  It is primarily for Tomato plants but is well suited for Peas, Beans, Tall flowers, small trees, shrubs, etc.  You can also space two apart and apply nylon netting for a trellis form Peas, flowers, and all climbing vines.  It is made of UV protected ABS plastic which is strong, sturdy, and durable for many years of use.

I am interested in your evaluation of the product which we plan to launch with a Direct Response TV commercial in Feb.2010.  May I please send you one.

Let me know where and I will send if off directly.


Thanks for your consideration

Hank Lisciotti

GroPole LLC

Leominster, Ma 01453

978 466 6661


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