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1. Do you feed the birds?

Yes (220) 64%
No (125) 36%

2. Do you cut your own lawn?

Yes (263) 77%
No (80) 23%

3. Do you have a butterfly garden?

No (179) 52%
Yes (167) 48%

4. Do you collect odd growing or weird looking plants?

Yes (35) 46%
No (41) 54%

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  Forum  Discussions  WANTED  selling tropical trees and plants, also seeds as well.
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New Post 10/26/2009 6:23 PM
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selling tropical trees and plants, also seeds as well.  (United States)
hi, my name is reanna burgess. i own a plant nursery, it is called reanna's tropical trees and plants, in lakeland, florida 33805. the nursery is open saturday, and sunday, from 10:00AM TO 5:00pm. we, my husband and myself, work the rest of the week. i have pink and yellow tabby's, floss silk trees, carambola, palm trees, white orchid trees, mother-in-law tongue(THIS FLOWERS WHITE, AND SMELLS REALLY GOOD) sweet acacia, jatropha, dwarf poinciana (RED), jacaranda, yellow poinciana, tropical lavendar trees, etc. seeds: dwarf poinciana, yellow poinciana, jacaranda, floss silk trees, pink and yellow tabby's etc. seeds are from .50 cents to 2.00 dollars. trees and plants are 5.00 dollars (DEPENDING ON SIZE) up to 25.00 dollars. root stock only. they range in heighth from one foot, to six feet, maybe taller. my phone number is 863-683-8711. my email address is call or email for directions. thank you very much, reanna burgess. oh yes, iam certified and registered with the dept. of agriculture.
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  Forum  Discussions  WANTED  selling tropical trees and plants, also seeds as well.
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