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New Post 10/2/2015 10:12 PM
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My Mini Sedum Garden  (Vietnam)
Modified By truongthanh  on 6/15/2016 2:22:20 AM)

Hello peeps Smile

This is my mini sedum garden created between my artificial riverbed (garden drainage scheme) and a mini retaining wall.


Above: The riverbed is on the left, created from drainpipe pieces and other materials and then with pebbles added on top (at this end at least). It allows for all rainwater to flow away to the house drain rather than running down the wall as it did before. I created the mini wall on the right in place of some bamboo edging which was leaking soil and water onto my coping stone mosaic and staining it. best ringtones In between is a little area of which I've planted numerous sedums. Not all are sedums but the majority are. The one seen on the lower right was on its last legs when planted. I'm surprised by how much it's since thrived. The mini tree was already there. I wanted to create an area that was green all year round and thus have an area of 'life' even in the winter period

Below: Small sedums with mosaic retaining wall in the foreground. I think there might be a fern in there in the background somewhere.


Below: A few close-up shots of small sedum rosettes. I was experimenting to see how close I could get with the camera to get more detail. They are lovely little rosettes but so tiny.

Tags: máy nén khí fusheng, free ringtones download

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