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1. Do you feed the birds?

Yes (220) 64%
No (125) 36%

2. Do you cut your own lawn?

Yes (263) 77%
No (80) 23%

3. Do you have a butterfly garden?

No (179) 52%
Yes (167) 48%

4. Do you collect odd growing or weird looking plants?

Yes (35) 46%
No (41) 54%

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New Post 9/29/2015 2:10 AM
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Wanted to show my small pond  (N/A)
Modified By truongthanh  on 4/7/2016 12:08:30 AM)

My stint with ponding began about a decade ago.... there is a long story which I'll not write here at this time. But this is my second pond. First and smaller one had to be surrendered in the other half of the property/plot during division [between two brothers]. The experience in that one did not allow me to forego another one in what became 'my half' [part] of the property. ringtone download I did this in 2009 and continue to enjoy. This is a natural pond. I do not add any fertilizer, I do not have a pump, I have some little fish - some are guppies [to take care of mosquito larvae, just in case], there is insect life. I just top up the water when it gets low quickly esp. in summer. But there is a need to replace the liner as roots have pierced the sides and some water is leaking out slowly and so far, it has been holding up okay. So I'm postponing it as it involves a lot of work.

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  Forum  Discussions  General  Wanted to show my small pond
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