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Apr 23

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4/23/2009 9:01 PM

Did you do anything for Earth Day 2009? No. Will you do anything for National Arbor Day (April 24, 2009)? No. Huh, well guess what? If you don't care about Mother Earth, she does not care about you! Earth will continue to spin around the Sun even if the Polar Icecaps have all melted away and the Polar Bears and the Humans are distant memories. We really don't matter to the planet. The microbes and the roaches will continue on, no matter how hostile the environment becomes for "higher" life forms. You do not believe that? Check out this article about Blood Falls.


Actually, it is the planet that matters to us. We desecrate and defile Earth and we live in our own slop. This doesn't deter Earth from doing what it does minute by minute, day by day, generation upon generation. History proves that. So we can all act like that Loser -- Glenn Beck -- and make mulch out of trees on Earth Day -- Earth does not care. We are the ones that will suffer from our behavior.


How bad are we treating Earth and how is she returning the favor? Consider the following tid-bits from The "Renewable Deal", a 400+ page masterwork by writer Richard Lance Christie:


"The International Water Management Institute predicts a billion people will face absolute water scarcity by 2025." Hey Tampa, you think things are bad now, just wait a few years!


"Above 95 degrees F, three things happen that cause total crop failure in all our food crops. First, photosynthesis declines as temperatures get hotter than 95 degrees F ceasing at 104 degrees F. Second, pollination declines with increasing temperatures. Third, above 95 degrees F, nitrogen becomes less bioavailable in the plant. Without nitrogen being bioavailable, plant cells cannot reproduce, and thus no new tissue can form, even if there was energy available to to support growth from continuing photsynthesis."


"With just one meter (three feet) rise in global sea levels... Worldwide, 634 million people live 32 feet or less above current sea level. In the U.S., the state of Florida would be lost to the sea except for a few small islands, as would most coastal cities."


"2,000 billion tons of methane is trapped in hydrates on cold ocean floors. Some of this methane is already being released in the Arctic as ocean waters warm. If all of the trapped methane on polar ocean floors is released, as happened 55 million years ago during that global warming event, then it will cause 13 degrees Fahrenheit increase in average global temperature by itself."


Wow. Are you ready for all this and more to happen? Maybe you will be long gone by then, which is just as well since you will not have to be party to the suffering you will leave behind as your legacy to your progeny. That's just too bad, huh? Hey Glenn, chop down some more trees, and for extra measure, burn them, huh?

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