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Apr 16

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4/16/2009 7:30 PM

Well my tomato plants are going to town and setting fruit. I wish the wind would lay down and the rains would drop here in my yard. Over the last few days we have been getting rain on the coast (over in Lake Worth), but nothing inland (Royal Palm Beach).


I am expanding on my vegetable "garden in bags" and put out 2 more bags of dirt (1.5 cu. ft. size) in which I dropped some bush bean seeds. I planted the following seeds which I bought from Wallymart:


CHEROKEE WAX from American Seed – 43-55 days – Said to "date from 1946, the hardy 1 ½  foot plants will reliably produce a stringless crop of oval, golden yellow beans.  Good choice for canning or fresh use.  A vigorous, heavy yielding variety." PKT. - 6 g. for 20¢


ROYAL BURGUNDY from Ferry~Morse -- 55 days -  Said to be a "very good producer of round, stringless, purple pod beans, that grow on 15 to 20 inch plants. The delicious beans turn green when cooked.  Mexican bean beetles avoid this variety." PKT. -28g. for $1.00


TENDERGREEN IMPROVED from Ferry~Morse -- 53 days - Said to be an "All American Selection" winner in 1933.  The strong, upright plants grow 16 to 20 inches high, and produce an abundant crop of 5 to 7 inch, straight, green, meaty pods. An excellent bean for fresh use or for canning!" PKT. -84g. for $2.00


Being the cheap skate, err, ummm, "bargain shopper" that I am I decided to give Walmart's Garden Expert™ brand Garden Soil for Trees & Shrubs a try. At $4.27 per bag, I do not have much to lose, especially since it is legumes that I am growing that will fix their own nitrogen in the soil. For $12.60 (including tax) for the seeds and the dirt, if my soon to be bush beans produce as prolifically as claimed, I should be pretty well ahead of the game moneywise -- and have fresh grown string beans from my own garden to boot!


After some research I found the the Garden Expert brand of soil is private labeled for Walmart by United Industries Corporation. "United Industries Corporation is a St. Louis, Missouri-based company with its business divided among three operating divisions. Operating under the Spectrum Brands name, the Home and Garden division offers household insecticide and insect repellent products, insect control products, and lawn and garden fertilizer and organic growing media products." Some of the Spectrum brands include Spectracide, Schultz, and GardenSafe™.



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